Monday, May 4, 2009

TO: my S.F. PIC's

bringin' back some memories

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I left my heart...

Here's my better-late-than-never post from the Girls Weekend to S.F.

I know it's been said but...words can't even begin to describe the amount of crazy fun that we had. And to cap't Nick...until next time...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


oh, my poor bloggity-blog...we need to be reconnected!

I am sure all my fans out there are HEARTBROKEN over my unexplained absence. You see, the truth is...nothing could be posted until i rememebred to brush my teeth. Now that my pearly whites are nice and pearly again, here's what has been going on:

took the kid0s here

went on my first girls-weekend here (you can find pictures here & here. but i just might post some of my own)

saw them here (F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!)


read this.

I am HERE!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

absent minded or mind absent?


A conversation occurred over my holidays between me & my brother...

I had mentioned that I forgot to brush my teeth that morning (yes I did just admit that to the i see a "NOT ME" in the works. Read on and I just might not be alone on this one.) He proceeded to ask in an appalled tone, " how do you forget to brush your teeth?" Well, Andy, this is how:

morning (my 3 yr old) awakes me earlier than i would have liked begging for some breakfast. i placate him with cartoons in my bed long enough for me to wake up and drag myself downstairs to make him a bowl of cereal. while down there, i remember that i didn't want to do the dinner dishes or start the dishwasher from the night before so after satisfying the kid, i work on getting those dishes done. once complete i realize the other one-third of the family (trace and tori) is awake...back upstairs to retrieve them from their beds. but not before i make sure that i take something that is supposed to be put away upstairs with me so that i am efficient at my homemaking skills. while upstairs, I put "whatever is was" away, get the twins out and smell something fowl coming from one of them, usually trace, & make sure that smell is gone ASAP. while changing the diaper, tori gets excited that she can run around & find ty, ty runs upstairs excited that tori is excited! once both kids are smelling cute enough again, we try make our way downstairs to start on the second shift of breakfast...but not before ty has remembered that he lost one of his many collections of random things (this explanation is for another time...basically he's a little OCD...ok a lot.) i try to help but have no idea where he could have possible left it. while i am helping ty find his prized toy at the moment I realize trace and tori have been too quiet for comfort & find them experimenting with their new make-up. once that is finally cleaned up we, again, try to make our way downstairs. we manage to make it to the top of the stairs but then a fight ensues over who gets to hold which hand of mine all the way down. I end up getting frustrated & walk myself down in hopes that they will all follow. no whole hour has past, it is now 9:00. breakfast is finally accomplished, for the kiddlets. now its my can't brush your teeth BEFORE you eat that just doesn't make sense!

i hide myself in the kitchen while i scarf down my breakfast. apparently the breakfast that i made for my children isn't enough & they expect hand-outs from dear-old-mom. once i am finished i make sure that all dishes are in the dishwasher get it started and hike back upstairs, kids in tow, to get dressed for the day. realizing that laundry still needs to be folded i think, "well it would make more sense if i fold a little before i get everyone dressed." makes sense, right? in a perfect world with children who sat quietly & obeyed their mother. Tori is my "big helper" as she likes to remind me often. she tries to "fold" some, she also tries to pile some on my already created piles which just ruin what I have tried to do. so i give up trying to fold just in time for ty to realize he has been left out of being a helper so he tries to "help." it works just as well as the other "big helper." a small argument between ty & i occurs but eventually we resolve our differences and get back to our original reason for coming upstairs: getting dressed. tori always fights getting dressed...but mothers always win. Trace just does whatever. Ty gets upset because he can't get his pajamas off & then upset again when his shirt doesn't go on right the first time. socks & shoes for some reason in my house takes an eternity, but it eventually gets done. just in time for me to glance at the clock and realize we need to get loaded in the car to take ty to school...i leave at the very latest 1130...yes, that much time has passed. i don't want to show up to his school in my adorable pj's so i rush in my closet, throw something decent on and start the loading process. to keep this already long post shorter, i'll just say loading in the car is an ordeal. ty gets dropped at school & i rush over to joe's lab to start my other job. i finish my other job just in time to pick ty up from school & start the drive back home. once home, its a chaotic evening of events of making dinner, cleaning up dinner, cleaning up toys & whatnot that were spread throughout the house while making dinner, bathing children, and our nightly routine of "wash-brush-flush." while the triple t's are brushing, it is then that I realize, "i forgot to brush my teeth this morning."

And THAT is how it happens!

oh and if your wondering, i showered the night before just in case my morning got a little hectic.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


...that my house AND tree looked as cozy as this
...that my wrapping was complete so i can curl up and watch THIS (tradition)
...that I didn't eat santa's whole plate of cookies...and drink all the milk
...that there was a real santa to set up all the toys for me.
Oh well...Merry! Merry!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


...and the law WON...

I went in with a determination to come out on top! I even had my angry music on to get me pumped up. I was going to tell them that I was RIGHT and they were WRONG!

But then the judge said in light of Christmas, everyone would get the traffic school waived AND in most cases, reduce the citation down to a parking, i took a bite of some humble pie that i brought along as a just-in-case, wiped my mouth so that there were no crumbs, turned my angry music down (just a tad) and plead...guilty.


Monday, December 22, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

** Things I most definitely DID NOT do this week**

I did not subject my children to profanities while I was manuvering my way through the cold, white stuff. And my finger did not raise when that crazy driver cut me off while trying to text and drive at the same time. I am a good example to my children so I DID NOT do that!

I did not neglect my children while i listened to my fully stocked iPod for a few hours. And my voice did not go a few decibles higher when I found them emptying an economy-size bottle of baby powder in their rooms while I was listening to said iPod. I am very responsible so...not me! never!

I did not eat a whole plate of treats by myself in one sitting. I am very health consious and DO NOT want to gain my weight back that I recently lost. And when joe asked where that plate of goodies went...I, of course, did not lie and say i didn't know what he was talking about.